Better bus service comes to Lackey Free Clinic

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Delegate Mullin and Senator Mason Applaud Improved Bus Access to Lackey Free Clinic

Richmond, Virginia. Delegate Mike Mullin (D-93) and State Senator Monty Mason (D-01) today applauded Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) and Williamsburg Area Transit Authority’s (WATA) plan to coordinate public transportation access to the Lackey Free Clinic for the upper Peninsula. WATA has won a federal grant for a three-year Monday through Saturday pilot route on an hourly service schedule. 

Lackey Free Clinic treats more than 1,200 patients each year and provides state-of-the-art healthcare through a strong network of volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists.  Some patients walk miles from the nearest bus stop.

Senator Mason said he is thankful that it won’t be such an ordeal for patients to get to Lackey, especially when they are ill. “Many Lackey Free Clinic patients come to the Clinic on the bus,” Senator Mason said.  “This route will improve access and allow people to get the health care they need.” 

Delegate Mullin agrees that the improved service is critical. “Great healthcare doesn’t help people if they can’t get to it,” he said.  “This is a wonderful example of communities and government working together to find solutions for the Peninsula.”


Del. Mullin introduces bills aimed at removing derelict vehicles, reshaping City housing commission

Sixty-three days after Mike Mullin was elected Delegate for the 93rd District of the House of Delegates, Mullin has introduced legislation to the General Assembly that will fulfill two very different requests from the City of Williamsburg and James City County.

A Freshman Delegate has a School Discipline Reform Idea

The Daily Press

State Del. Mike Mullin still remembers the 15-year-old he had to prosecute for kicking a trash can on his way to the principal's office.

It stuck in his craw, just like the case of the two teenage girls who got in a shove and a hair-pulling when squabbling over a boy during a high school football game.

So the first bill the newly elected House of Delegates member is introducing aims to do something about it by reminding school principals of what the law already intends: that for the kind of teenage attitude and rough-housing that's always been a feature of middle and high school life, they have an option other than calling the cops.


Release: Delegate Mullin Supports Governor McAuliffe's New Investments in Community Service Boards and Opioid Addiction Treatment

Press Release:

Delegate Mullin Supports Governor McAuliffe's New Investments in Community Service Boards and Opioid Addiction Treatment

By Delegate Michael P. Mullin
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December 16, 2017

Newport News, Virginia. Delegate Mike Mullin announced his support today for Governor McAuliffe's decision to include $31.7 million for Virginia's mental health and substance abuse systems, including $7.4 million to increase capacity at facilities like Eastern State and $5.3 to increase life saving access to opioid addiction medication in the Commonwealth.

The need for better mental health and substance abuse treatment has reached a crisis level in the Commonwealth,” Delegate Mullin said. We owe it to those in our community who are most vulnerable to do something and to do it now.”

Delegate Mike Mullin represents the 93rd District, including all of the City of Williamsburg and portions of James City County, York County and Newport News. For more information, visit his web site at


Daily Press and Virginia Gazette Both Endorse Mike Mullin for House of Delegates!

With Six Days Until the Election, Both Peninsula Papers Strongly Back Mullin

The Daily Press and Virginia Gazette both today endorsed Mike Mullin for the Special Election for House of Delegates on November 8th. 

The Daily Press was particularly impressed by Mike's views on open government and gun control:

Mr. Mullin, who lives in Kiln Creek and works as a prosecutor in Suffolk, likes to say that openness should be "the default position of government." In other words, transparency should be fait accompli; an elected official or a legislative body should have to show compelling evidence, clear an extremely high standard, to consider sealing a record or conducting business behind closed doors. 

While Mr. Mullin seeks stronger background checks and a closing of the "gun show loophole," Ms. Cordasco naively insists that this loophole — which permits informal sales without background checks — is now closed. (This year's attempt to narrow the loophole by facilitating background checks in private sales resulted in only 21 being performed, the Richmond Times-Dispatch has reported.) She also inexplicably says the difference between a rifle and an assault weapon is primarily cosmetic, a serious misrepresentation of some very lethal weapons that have no reason to be in the hands of law-abiding citizens.

Mr. Mullin is subtly persuasive, and his work in the court system would serve him well when the time comes to negotiate bipartisan compromises. He would add a strong voice to the minority in the House, whereas a victory by Ms. Cordasco would essentially just add another voice to the majority chorus.

The Virginia Gazette emphasized Mike's law enforcement experience as being unique:

We agree with Mullin's broad view of issues, and the middle ground he stands on seems most akin to the nature of the district.

Mullin spends most of his work life in Juvenile and Family Court and has a strong sense of the value of law and order and its role in creating a civil, safe society. He sees education as a way to make that happen.

On keeping kids out of court and jail, he says experience tells him two things are key: after-school activities and adult influence.

While there are plenty of lawyers in Richmond, not many share his background in criminal prosecution and his desire to redirect those efforts. He says he's seeking the House of Delegates seat because he thinks he can help, can make a difference. So do we.

Sierra Club endorses Mike Mullin for House of Delegates in the 93rd District

Grassroots Group Praises Commitment to Protect Virginia’s Environment

NEWPORT NEWS, Virginia – Today, Mike Mullin, a criminal prosecutor and Democratic candidate for the House of Delegates in the 93rd district, announced he has been endorsed by the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club.

The endorsement reflects Mullin’s positions as a strong advocate for the environment. If elected, Mullin will work to protect Virginia’s natural places as he finishes out the remainder of Monty Mason’s term.

“I am truly honored to be endorsed by the Sierra Club,” Mullin said. “The work that the Sierra Club has done to help protect our natural resources in Virginia and across the country is something I will fight for in Richmond. I will be a champion of our environment."  

Along with the endorsement, the Sierra Club will encourage its grassroots base to volunteer with Mullin’s campaign.  

“We highly value Mullin’s dedication to the protection of the natural resources of the Commonwealth of Virginia, ”Tyla Matteson, Political Chair of the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club, said. “We are confident that Mike will safeguard the quality of our air and water, our lands and our climate.”

The endorsement of the Sierra Club comes on the heels of the AFL-CIO endorsement and Steelworkers Local 8 endorsement.